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The Full Story


Dakoyenne Productions LLC was formed in 2019 in Bloomfield, NJ.  Our founder, Karen Stefano, had prior run an acting company, but decided to shift her focus into production. Dakoyenne’s first short film, Why Wait, was locally shot in New Jersey and wrapped production in late fall of 2019. Why Wait made its official debut on March 28th, 2021 at the Garden State Film Festival, one of New Jersey’s oldest and most prestigious film festivals. 

-Karen Stefano (Founder of Dakoyenne Productions)


Dakoyenne Productions LLC is an independent, Christian production company based in Bloomfield, NJ, with the mission of producing authentic and truthful works. Our goal with all of our productions is to create stories that reach out to the lost and broken-hearted, and provide a source of hope and inspiration.  We strongly believe in the power the arts and entertainment can have on an individual, and wish to spread our message through film.


 We are a black-owned, women-led business, with many of our works featuring leads in said minorities. We also strive to uplift New Jersey artists with all of our cast and crew being locally-sourced. The film would offer various opportunities to community artists to showcase their talents and skill sets. 

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